BUGS: A Trilogy had it’s World Premiere at the Women In Horror Film Festival 2018 and Simone Kisiel won Best Director of a Feature Film! BUGS is also now available for FREE on Amazon Prime!


Simone was interviewed on Hellbent For Horror with SA Bradley about HOUSED (now streaming on Amazon) and BUGS (making it’s world premiere at the Women in Horror Film Festival)!


HOUSED,’ directed by Simone Kisiel and written by Alexandra Grunberg, is now available for streaming on Amazon!

BUGS: A Trilogy‘ has been nominated for ‘Best Feature Film,’ ‘Best Director Feature film,’ ‘Best Score’ and ‘Best Performance’ by the Women in Horror Film Festival 2018!

JULY 2018

Do you hear the pitter patter of dread? Is it the scattering of tiny creatures emerging from the cracks? Is it the steady thud of an undead horde?

Is it… BOTH?

HOUSED‘ and ‘BUGS: A Trilogy‘ have both been selected for INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION by Indie Rights Movies, a global distributor with direct relationships to major distribution outlets! We are so excited to have a distribution partner and can’t wait to share our horror with you!

JULY 2018

What’s that on the big screen? A wisp of spiderweb? A burrowing biting infestation? A creeping crawling dread? It’s BUGS: A Trilogy!

The Magic Dog Productions Team is thrilled to announce that our latest horror feature, BUGS: A Trilogy, has been selected early to make it’s World Premiere at the Women in Horror Film Festival 2018! This is the first early selection in the history of this festival and we couldn’t feel more honored to premiere with them in October 2018! wrote a lovely announcement and review for BUGS premiering at the Women in Horror Film Festival 2018.

JUNE 2018

Simone Kisiel, has commenced editing on ‘Introvert’s Guide to Activism,‘ and is in development on a new short psychological thriller with Magic Dog writer Alexandra Grunberg!

MAY 2018

Simone shot the short film, ‘Introvert’s Guide to Activism,’ with writer/star Adriana Jones, director of photography Katie Voss, and actors Lorena Russi and Brian Demar Jones! has given ‘BUGS: A Trilogy,’ directed by Simone, a killer review!

APRIL 2018

Simone is holding auditions for her new comedic short, ‘Introvert’s Guide to Activism!

MARCH 2018

Simone has begun pre-production on her latest short film, ‘Introvert’s Guide to Activism,‘ which she is producing, directing and editing with Adriana Jones.


Magic Dog Productions had their article, ‘Sex With Zombies and Other Hazards of Horror,’ written by Alexandra Grunberg published in the Popcorn Horror Digital Magazine!

BUGS: A Trilogy” received a winning review from Stacy Cox at along with some spooky first impressions.

Simone gave an interview with called Simone Kisiel Talks BUGS Trilogy, Career. BUGS was also excited to get a shoutout from!

Death of a Vacuum” screened at the 6th Annual Katra Film Series Grand Finale at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn!


Magic Dog Production’s most recent horror feature film, “BUGS: A Trilogy,” directed and produced by Simone Kisiel and written by and starring Alexandra Grunberg, has been completed and is now making festival rounds!


Death of a Vacuum” has been selected to screen as a finalist at the 6th Annual Katra Film Series Grand Finale!


Death of a Vacuum,” a short comedy directed/produced by Simone Kisiel and written by Adriana Jones, was a finalist at the Changing Face International Film Festival 2017 based in Sydney, Australia!


“No Peeking Cindy” and “A Slaying Song Tonight,” directed and produced by Simone, were Official Selections at the Fake Flesh Film Festival 2017!


Death of a Vacuum” was accepted as an Official Selection by the Iron Mule Film Festival! It will screen on in December at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn.


Death of a Vacuum” screened for the second round of the Katra Film Series after winning the Audience Choice Award in the first round!

JULY 2017

Death of a Vacuum” won the Audience Choice award at IndieWorks Summer 2017 hosted by CongestedCat Productions!

Death of a Vacuum” has been accepted by Indie Works, a festival series based in NYC! The screening takes place in Long Island City on July 18th!

Simone has been awarded a grant from The Puffin Foundation, Ltd. for “BUGS: A Trilogy,” a project that Puffin deemed, “socially relevant and that will encourage public participation and co-sponsorship of the arts that will advance social change!” Thank you so much, Puffin!

JUNE 2017

A video that Simone shot and edited for the Tyler Prize for Environmental achievement has been featured on the Huffington Post in an article about Doctor José Sarukhán and the next generation of environmental scientists!


Simone was nominated for Outstanding Female Filmmaker by the Stormy Weather Horror Fest for “HOUSED The Feature” (produced, directed and edited by Simone).

On June 24th “Death of a Vacuum,” a short film produced, directed and edited by Simone, screened at the Katra Film Series and won the Audience Choice award!


On June 10th Simone’s micro short, “No Peeking Cindy,” screened at the Portland Horror Film Festival and was selected as the runner up in the Best Bumper category!

In 2014 Simone began work on “HOUSED” with creators Alexandra Grunberg and Leah Henley. In 2016 the award winning webseries died, and in true horror fashion it rose again at double the original length as a feature film! Magic Dog Productions is thrilled to announce that “HOUSED The Feature” has been accepted by the Stormy Weather Horror Fest!!

HOUSED The Feature” has also been awarded a bronze medal by the Spotlight Horror Film Festival!

MAY 2017

The latest short film from Magic Dog Productions, Death of a Vacuum, has been accepted by the Katra Film Series 2017! This comedic short was produced, directed and edited by Simone!

Simone acted as Technical Director while shooting the New York Academy of Science’s Challenge 2030, where multiple generations of the world’s most gifted innovators came together to collaborate on developing science and technological solutions for the global Sustainable Development Goals. At the event she had the opportunity to interview notable VIP’s such as Ted Turner (founder of CNN) and former Congressman Rush Holt (pictured below).

Simone attended the Tyler Prize Gala in Washington DC to both shoot the event and to screen the video she created for the prize in honor of Dr. José Sarukhán for the audience.

Simone is thrilled to announce that her micro short film “No Peeking Cindy” has been accepted by the Portland Horror Film Festival 2017! Produced by Magic Dog Productions, Directed and Edited by Simone Kisiel and Voice Over and Writing by Alexandra Grunberg.

HOUSED, a horror/comedy feature film by Simone Kisiel, has a brand new trailer!

APRIL 2017

Simone was commissioned by ReAgency to fly to Stanford University in California, where she acted as Technical Director of one shoot where she interviewed world-renowned ecologists and biologists for the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement and as Director of a new, short documentary about CONABIO.

MARCH 2017

Simone is proud to present the official poster for her new short comedy called Death of a Vacuum (directed, produced and edited by Simone). Death of a Vacuum is a Magic Dog and Apperception Co-Production!

Simone acted as Technical Director of a shoot at YouTube NY for the New York Academy of Sciences about the importance of mentorship in the science community.

Simone was commissioned by ReAgency (a science PR Agency) to create a sizzle reel for Michael Shermer, Publisher of Skeptic magazine, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, best selling author and a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University where he teaches Skepticism 101. The reel is being featured on the official Skeptics YouTube Channel and on Michael Shermer’s home page.


Simone was flown to Mexico City by ReAgency (a science PR agency) to direct a new short documentary that follows CONABIO, Dr. José Sarukhán and their combined contribution to the longevity of biodiversity in Mexico and the world at large.


Simone was commissioned by ReAgency (a science PR agency) as Director of a shoot at the AAAS annual conference to interview scientists for the upcoming Tyler Prize video.


Simone finished post-production on “Death of a Vacuum,” a short comedy that she produced, directed and edited about young woman who comes home to find that her parents are working on a fun new project together – a divorce.


Simone was hired by ReAgency (a science PR agency) as Director of a shoot at Columbia University to interview scientists who are working on cutting edge ventures in hopes of raising much needed scientific funding!


Simone is in post-production on three films: Death of a Vacuum (a short family comedy), HOUSED The Feature (a horror/comedy adaptation of Simone’s award winning webseries), and BUGS: A Trilogy (Simone’s female-centric horror feature).


Simone had the pleasure of being Technical Director of “A More Scientific Union,” a televised event hosted by TYT Network, (a partner of Scientific American), the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Science Education Policy Association at YouTube Space New York.

The debate was featured by Scientific American.


Simone was featured on a ScIQ panel debate for The Young Turks on autonomous vehicles, internet trolls and the power of innuendo.



Simone completed principal photography on her feature film BUGS: A Trilogy and began post-production on short film Death of a Vacuum.



Simone’s second and third videos with The Odyssey Online went live! This first video examines the science behind why the 2016 Presidential Candidates are acting like playground bullies and the second explores the similarities between road rage and internet trolling.

Presidential Candidates Still

Road Rage + Trolls Still

JULY 2016

Simone teamed up with Apperception Productions to produce, direct and edit a short comedic film called, Death of a Vacuum.

Margot Footage for Katieedited1

Margot Still

Simone had the pleasure of being Technical Director of a shoot at Yale University with ScIQ on The TYT Network about world-first science and medicine!


JUNE 2016

Simone was commissioned by The Odyssey Online to produce, write, edit and star in videos about science and pop culture.

Friends + Family Still

Simone was hired by Might & Main Media, a new production company dedicated to actualizing unique, character-driven narratives of all genres from development to the screen, to edit two short films; Drip and EXit, both of which are a part of their new ‘Lake Arrowhead‘ series.


HOUSED, a horror/comedy webseries produced, directed and edited by Simone, screened at Balticon 2016!

Balticon Announcement Final

MAY 2016

Simone was hired by First Circle Films to act as Production Manager on a feature film called Scenes From The UndergroundSFTU was an ambitious feature shot primarily on the NYC subway system.


APRIL 2016

Simone had the immense honor of being Technical Director of a TYT Network show anchored by Cenk Uygur with special guests Jane Sanders and Bernie Sanders Crusader Rosario Dawson!


MARCH 2016

Fashion Nightmare, the second short film Simone ever directed and edited, is an Official Selection at the Manhattan Film Festival 2016!! ‘Fashion Nightmare’ will screen in New York City in April.

Fashion Nightmare Announcement2


Simone was commissioned by Did Someone Say Science to fly to Louisiana and shoot/edit nine genetics experiments with the best genetic scientists at LSU, in addition to a series of interviews. The shoot boasted an all female film crew and all female scientists!



Simone wrapped production on the second part of the BUGS TRILOGY, Bed Bugs. BUGS is a psychological horror feature film produced, directed and edited by Simone Kisiel. Written by and Starring Alexandra Grunberg.


Simone also shot more HOUSED, which is going to be converted into feature film format.


Simone produced, directed and edited four Magic Dog Holiday Shorts!

The other two Magic Dog Holiday Shorts: Family Night and Slaying Song Tonight.

Simone also began pre-production on the second part of BUGS, to be shot in January 2016.



Simone and the Magic Dog Team have successfully raised 100% of their funding for BUGS: A Trilogy!!

fully funded cropped

Simone and the feature film she is producing and directing, BUGS: A Trilogy is being featured in indieWIRE through Women and Hollywood!

A piece written by Simone about being a female filmmaker in horror was published by the Thought Catalog.

The BUGS: A Trilogy crowd funding campaign has raised more than 50% of it’s goal with more than 70 backers in only 20 days.


Simone launched a crowd funding campaign with Magic Dog Productions for the first feature film she will direct called Bugs: A Trilogy.  It’s a new female driven horror film about helplessness, paranoia, and the bugs who inspire us to scream.


HOUSED, a horror/comedy webseries directed and produced by Simone won Best Sit-Com of 200 Official Selections and 9 Nominees in the category at the Miami Web Fest 2015!Annoucement2


Simone was hired by Did Someone Say Science to shoot a live show at the Makers Faire 2015 at the New York Hall of Science.

makers faire

Aberrant, a feature film edited by Simone, has secured a world wide distribution deal with Green Apple Entertainment!

Simone was hired by Phoodieur, a new app designed to view restaurants visually, to do the voice over for their new promo video! 

Phoodiuer still      

Aberrant, a feature film edited by Simone, was accepted by a fourth festival this summer: The San Antonio Film Festival!




A 30 second teaser Simone created for the New York Hall of Science played on the NASDAQ Times Square Tower Screen.

HOUSED has been nominated for Best Sit-Com in addition to Best Mockumentary at the Miami Web Fest 2015!

MiamiWebFestLaurel-Mockumentary              MiamiWebFestLaurel-SitCom




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     JULY 2015

HOUSED has been nominated for Best Mockumentary at the Miami Web Fest 2015!



Magic Dog Productions released the first teaser for part 1 of The Bugs Trilogy, a feature film to be directed and edited by Simone.       

thumbnail 2

      JUNE 2015

Quietus won Best Short Film at the Manhattan Film Festival 2015!




MAY 2015

Quietus, a short film directed and edited by Simone was accepted by the Manhattan Film Festival!




Aberrant, a feature film edited by Simone was accepted by three festivals Summer 2015: Manhattan Film Festival, Hoboken International Film Festival and NewFilmmakers New York!


HIFF-laurelsnew filmmakers laurels 2015MFF_Laurel




                                      /                                                                                                                                                                   /        

Simone released a promo video for her new production company, Magic Dog Productions.




APRIL 2015

Simone began production on the feature film she will direct and edit: BUGS: A Trilogy.


MARCH 2015

HOUSED was accepted by the Miami Web Fest as an official 2015 selection!




Simone directed an experimental B12 Productions short called A Mind Devoid of Happiness or: The Maze about a young woman who struggles with depression.



Simone directed a B12 Productions short called Parting Gifts and started pre-production on a feature film by the writer of HOUSED.



Post production on Fashion Nightmare is completed and submission to festivals has commenced.



HOUSED, a webseries directed and edited by Simone launched on Halloween. New episodes air every Friday at 6PM.



Simone was hired by NCR Corp (NYSE:NCR) as an official supplier of corporate videos.

Can’t Get Enough, a short film edited by Simone Kisiel, was accepted by the Big Apple Film Festival.



Simone wrapped production on HOUSED, a horror/comedy webseries she is directing and editing.


JUNE 2014

On Saturday, June 14th Simone started production on HOUSED.


May 2014

Simone wrapped production on Fashion Nightmare, a short she directed and edited.  Fashion Nightmare is a thriller-comedy that follows an A-list super model in a controversial Victoria Secret Fashion Show.


APRIL 2014

A feature film Simone edited, Aberrant, was accepted into the Garden State Film Festival.


JULY 2013

Simone completed Quietus, a post-apocalyptic thriller she directed and edited.


MAY 2012

In the summer of 2012 Simone wrote, directed, produced and starred in an Off Broadway play called Everyone’s MAD!!


MAY 2011

Simone was employed by Stonestreet Studios from May 2011 to May 2014 as a director, editor and production manager.  While with Stonestreet she edited a feature, a short and a full length pilot in addition to directing and editing two shorts of her own and countless in class scenes.

Simone graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the arts with honors and a minor in creative writing.