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When a webseries dies, it rises again as a FEATURE FILM!

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HOUSED, a horror/comedy webseries, is directed by Simone and written by Alexandra Grunberg.  HOUSED follows seven college students who get trapped together when the apocalypse strikes. Faced with impending doom, invading zombies, sexual tension, alcohol shortages, and Scott (goddamnit Scott), these kids are about to figure out that the only thing worse than the apocalypse is the people you’re stuck with. Premiered Halloween 2014.

Episode 1: Survive

Episode 2: Cat’s Cradle

Episode 3: Slumber Party

Episode 4: First Drink

Episode 5: Virgin

Episode 6: Laundry Day

Episode 7: Rations

Episode 8: Fan Mail

Episode 9: Cards

Episode 10: Election

Episode 11: The Body

Episode 12: Synced

Goddamnit Scott: HOUSED Outtakes

This teaser may be short, but it’s longer than your apocalyptic life expectancy.

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